Reclaiming Abundance: The Princess (week 2!)

Technically, we are into week 3 of the Reclaiming Abundance Project, and I should’ve posted this end of last week, but time got away… the cheeky monkey. Anywho, this week, I wanted to do a verse for Lucy’s room, and I couldn’t help beginning with this one:

Psalm 45:13-15
“All glorious is the princess within her chamber;
her gown is interwoven with gold.
In embroidered garments she is led to the king;
her bridesmaids follow behind her…

They are bubbling with joy as they enter the palace of the king.”

I’ve always loved this verse. On the surface, it’s a beautiful and ancient bridal song, and the words alone conjure a scene of palpable anticipation and exuberance. But I also treasure it, because I do believe that as a child of God, adopted and redeemed through Jesus, I’m a daughter of the King. Aka a Princess. (And really, isn’t that obvious? I just knew it.) So. A princess verse in a princess frame for… well, a Little Princess. And who among us children of the 90’s can resist thinking of that magical movie based on the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett? (If you haven’t read that book and/or watched the movie, GO DO IT NOW.)

pink frame 5
See what I mean? Totally a princess frame.


And my dearest wish for Lucy is that she becomes who she’s meant to be- that she would see herself as the princess that she is. Let me be clear: I don’t mean just a vapid, frothy idea of princesshood. For when you bear the name and image of God, you must answer your calling- you must step into your greatness. Be brave and be beautiful, not merely a shiny, useless-but-lovely trinket, but a warrior- someone who fights for God’s mission- to bring love, peace, and wholeness to that which is rejected, war-torn, and broken. Or, I could simply say the calling is to be who you are. Not just “who you are” in the paltry sense that the world offers, but be who He intends you to be. Because that’s infinitely better. It means being willing to be uncomfortable, to surrender your own agenda, to build your life on something other than whim and temporal desires. I desperately pray that this would be the cornerstone of Lucy’s heart.

pink frame 2 pink frame 3 pink frame 4


“Lucy” a name which after all means “Light.” And her middle name “Kate” which means “Pure.” So. May she be Pure Light. And you won’t understand this if you don’t love The Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia (Lucy’s fictional namesake, if ever she had one), but I think of Galadriel’s phial of the light of Earendil which she gives to Frodo:

And better yet, I think of Eowyn, shieldmaiden of Rohan:

“You are a daughter of kings…” Goosebumps.


And then there’s Lucy Pevensie and her relationship with Aslan *insert weepy emotionalness here* which of course embodies what I’m getting at more than anything- I want her to love Jesus like this.


Everyone back from getting their tissues??? Ok, good.

I so love this verse, because it bubbles up the joy in me, as it were, at every phase of my life. I’m pretty sure that wonderful Aimee friend of mine was the first one to write it on a card and send to me on a birthday or some such thing… So, maybe Lucy will see it throughout her life, and roll her eyes every time I bring it up… and maybe I’ll catch her doodling it on one of her sketchbooks (if she does that sort of thing) with lots of swirls and flourishes, and I’ll know that she knows that she’s a Daughter of the King. A glorious princess.

pink frame 1 All glorious pink frame 6

Full disclosure, this is a mash up of NIV for the first part and then New English Translation for the bubbling with joy part… Because who could resist that? How wonderful to bubble with joy as you enter the presence of the King? And really, this is my prayer for myself as much as it is for Lucy. ((Confession: I almost forgot to admit that I definitely changed “virgin companions” to bridesmaids, which was in one of the translations I read… I don’t even remember which one. And no, I’m not going to look it up and tell you. Mostly, it was a space issue, but it does have the added perk of avoiding an awkward conversation of Lucy asking me what “virgin companions” are.))


And you may notice that the one above without a frame reveals a little princess on the right side… sadly you can’t see her much when placed inside the frame. This, children, is why you pay attention to things and plan ahead… (There’s my articulate bit of wisdom for the week.)


So, don’t forget. You are a princess. (Ok, or a prince I guess…) A child of the Most High God. You are meant for great things.


And here (because I can’t resist) is MY princess- 5 months old!

Lucy 5 months

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