Top 5 Favorite Links of February! (Or: Pretty Things)

Sometimes, you just need to go see some beauty, instead of creating it yourself. Even (and especially) as a creative. That’s what I did today.

I linked up at my first link party in the blogosphere today. (Like a real, live blogger! Do bloggers even admit to that sort of thing?) Woohoo! What a rush… And when I say “rush” I mean “trip down the vortex of all things lovely via diy, recipe, and decor blogs.”

Persia Lou

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As if I don’t already have enough in that online treasure trove of Pinterest (that great enabler of online hoarding through which I so voraciously gather eye candy), I am now following an extra gajillion people on there. (Because I just can’t resist the pretties!!!) 

So. Here are a gajillion- ok, five- of my new favorite links. If you just need some beauty in your life, go check these people out!

1. For St. Patrick’s day decor- I found this super cute DIY banner (that is on my level, which is not to say I’ll do it, but I’d think about doing it. Which is pretty big for me) on crafty Kelly’s blog called


2. Then I found Amanda’s blog at (Doesn’t the name alone sound like drinking a lovely beverage on a porch in summer time? Maybe I’m just tired of winter…) She had done this ridiculously cute and stylish entryway makeover.


3. Next, I found Fotini’s blog (Fotini is her name. For real. Aren’t you jealous that your name isn’t more interesting?? Or fun to say?) at and this fabulous chair makeover!


Okay. Other pretty things that are not from the link party… Just from Pinterest,

4. Someday. Someday, I’ll have a beautiful, intentionally-for-creating space. Someplace with room for coffee, for my piano, for all the song-writing notebooks I have, sketchbooks, art supplies, and plenty of light. This little lovely I found on Pinterest (because where else?) looks like a pretty good option.


(I mean, chandelier, people.)

5. Last but not least, I found this gem (or gems) through the other day. Have you heard of Noonday Collection? Or Justina Blakeney? Because they are creating beauty that does real, beautiful, intentional good. Here’s a teaser, but you should really click the pic and go see for yourself.


Have you experienced any beauty lately that really must be shared? Please do so!!!

0 thoughts on “Top 5 Favorite Links of February! (Or: Pretty Things)

  1. You’re so sweet for including my dresser makeover, thank you!! 🙂 Beautiful choices, too! That St. Patty’s day banner is TOO cute!

  2. Hi. Haylie! Just thought I would stop in after your visit….love this roundup here! I see you are a fellow redhead which instantly make us sisters! Your blog is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Gilly!! Redheads unite!!! 😀 (You get extra points, because some people look at my auburnish hair and call it brown… and every time they do, I die inside a little bit…) I’m so honored you stopped by. I was just getting excited this morning thinking about my plan to look at some of your other posts this afternoon! 😀

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