Shoes. Ikea. Imperial Star Destroyers.

What do all those things have in common? Birthdays. That’s what.

And you might be thinking, “Gee, I thought you were going to say ‘Reasons why I’ve been MIA from my blog for a month…and a half.'” And you’d be right about that, too.

No, I didn’t just get back from a vengeful quest with Darth Vader in my Imperial Star Destroyer. Although, I did disappear down a rabbit hole into a vortex of swirling tasks and to-dos and travels. (And alliterations… ooohhh yeaaaah.)

But don’t worry, I won’t be annoying and list all the things in the vortex. I’m not that self-absorbed. I will say, however, that April is a very busy month by nature in our household.

First of all, Easter often happens in April (is it always in April? isn’t it sometimes in March or something??) and you may or may not know that we went on a trip to Texas over that weekend to visit family. Secondly, both mine and the husband’s birthdays are in April, which makes for an eventful couple of weeks. Thirdly, I worked a crap ton of hours at the day care, which resulted in a major case of deadness, and when you’re dead, you can’t write blog posts…

But this post isn’t to bore you with details about being dead from 15 kids hanging/spitting up on/cuddling me for a lot more hours than normal (suffice it to say, the remedy is copious amounts of binge-watching “Once” on Netflix- aka my favorite show of all time… or at least right this second). They did revive me every so often with their cuteness and saying adorable and hilarious things. Which was fun.

Instead, I thought I’d share the ever so exciting barrage of pictures of Things I Bought with my Birthday Money!!! (Because I’m still 12 years old and we live in the 50’s when candy only cost a nickel or something… And no, I didn’t spend it all on candy, much as I would have liked.) By nature, I’m not a planner. But I can tell you, I was possessed with a steely determination to maximize this golden opportunity to just go out and buy pretties.

Are you ready for the pretties??? OK! Heeeere they are:


IMG_1152 Those are for days when I’m pretending to be a hipster…

IMG_1149 IMG_1150 I think of these are my happy fairy princess shoes. Appropriate for every moment of every day of every year forever and ever amen. Didn’t you know? 27 is the shoe birthday… or at least, it was this year. There was also a pair of tennis shoes, but those were a necessity, and one that I have put off for as long as possible.


I’m just not a tennis shoe kind of girl. I know some of you girls out there like them and even (inconceivably) feel cute in them, but tennies just make me feel like I have man feet. And that’s just unacceptable. However, being on your feet all day makes you do lots of rational and practical things like, you know, wearing shoes that actually support your arches, etc. But it makes me sigh with chagrin as I feel myself entering- or at least wandering dangerously near- to that unknown and notoriously all-consuming section of mom world known as the province of Soccer Mom. Not that being a soccer mom is bad… But you’ve got to admit, the stereotypes are kind of ominous. I just don’t want to be frumpified over time in the name of practicality and not even realize it… and tennis shoes just seem like the first step down the dark road to Frumptown. But. My feet hurt. So, tennis shoes are now part of my life. Hopefully, they will just be reserved for daycare days and exercising.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program…

As intentional as my spending was, I didn’t exactly intend to buy 3 different pairs of shoes… But how could I possibly say no to those mint green ones????

Bulletin Board I’d basically been salivating over this bulletin board at TJ Maxx for weeks, resisting the urge to buy it, but I could resist no longer… I mean, it’s just so happy!!

Flowers These fake flowers from TJ Maxx… I mean, fresh flowers are always ideal, but I have a gray thumb, and these can’t die and look pretty fab for being fake. Don’t you agree?

lace tray

I’m also Ob. Sessed. with pretty much all the lace “skurar” stuff (just try to say that out loud right now- I dare you. It definitely doesn’t sound like a line of delicate lacey-looking planters and trays)  at Ikea.


See? I bought like, 5 or 6 of these “planters,” most of which I use for not plants. I’m pretty excited about the many places in our apartment that are now filled with a little more flourish thanks to these things. It’s like happiness is winking at me…

I would seriously use them in every room in my apartment if I could… Never for real plants though. (That would just be cruel. The plant would be like, “Oh, I’m in this pretty planter! My caretaker must be really diligent and intentional with her plants…” and then eventually, as the plant was shriveling and gasping for chlorophyl- or whatever a plant gasps for- it would cry out in one of those scream-whispers, “What is this treachery!!! This woman is the killer of all that is green and growing! Aaaaagghhh…” That’s the plant dying. In case you didn’t get that.) Mostly just lipstick, or pens, or pencils, or sometimes all three.

But the Biggest, Best, Most Fantastical present was the one I gave to Ryan. It WAS his 30th birthday. So, it had to be epic. Thus, for about a month I plotted and planned, schemed and searched for what was to be the single greatest gift I’ve given him in our entire marriage… The Star Wars Lego Millennium Falcon. I MEAN, HOW AWESOME?!?! (It’s more awesome if you know that to say my husband is an avid Star Wars/Star Wars Legos/Star Wars Books fan is a cosmic understatement.) 

However, in arguably one of the most tragic moments in the history of tragedy, when I went to search the internet for said epic gift, it was UNAVAILABLE.


Either that, or it was like, 4 times the original price. It was kind of like this:

So, I went with the next best thing, which I only knew was the next best thing because Ryan had mentioned it in the same breath as the Millennium Falcon before: an Imperial Star Destroyer. Ooooohhhh yeeaaaahhh.

Check it out.

IMG_1146 IMG_1148 IMG_1147

Epic, right? It only took him a total of 6 hours to build. Here is a highly unprofessional-looking-but-awesome progression of photos from when he first opened it:


11141724_633013111120_1297769080970711287_n 11208675_633013141060_6344648113119585378_n

My favorite is the one with the crazy eyes… My husband is fairly reserved, so I consider crazy-eyes face to be a big win.

And that’s basically it. Our birthdays rocked, in the midst of an exceptionally full month and a half. That’s all.

What do you buy with YOUR birthday money?? (I need ideas for next year.)

Oh yeah!! And somewhere in there, we visited all the wonderful ladies of the maternal variety in our life, and I brought each of them this doodle I made for Mother’s Day:

Your Mother Quote

P.S. Next week (or month… year… whenever I get around to it) stay tuned for tips on having a fabulous girls weekend. Spoiler alert: there will be pink involved.

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