The Zoo, Cannolis, and Netflix: the Key to a Good Marriage

That’s right. I’m revealing to you here, free of charge, the key to a good marriage. (You’re welcome. I feel like I have to say that a lot here on this blog. It’s because I’m always imparting profound wisdom and wise profundities.) 

This week, I wanted to share with you 3 things we did this weekend that, I believe, also contribute to a great marriage… or at least, they are super fun and super fun to do with your spouse.

1) Go to the zoo: Seriously, people. Why? Because the zoo is awesome and beautiful and happy. Also, it’s possible this one might be on the list because our good friends Jonathan and Katie ever so generously shared 2 of their 4 FREE tickets with us on Saturday!!! (Lucy got in free. I think that should be a thing forever… She should get into everything for free- movies, amusement parks, college… You know, stuff like that.)

zoo and Lu dad and lu cutaloo

I think I was arguably the most excited person in our group. Although Katie was super excited too, which made me feel less dorky, and also benefited us by making our husbands seem crazy for not being as excited as we were.

My zoo-induced excitement was- I confess- in part due to Harry Potter. I mean, don’t all you HP fans out there agree with me that in light of that scene in The Sorcerer’s Stonethe zoo is a significantly more magical place?

And it was good for us as a couple because a) we actually socialized with other people, b) it’s a unique outing for us (versus our normal dates which feature our jammies and Netflix and the couch), and c) it’s outside (we pale hobbits are what you’d call in-doorsy). Oh, and we could add d) they had Dippin’ Dots.

Dippin Dots

If you have a zoo nearby, I’d highly recommend it.

2) Watch Netflix- For example, we burned our way through probably 70% of Parks and Rec this weekend. (Because we were so tired after all that time at the zoo. Outside makes you tired!) I love this show, you guys. I mean I seriously love it. And I’m to that point in binge-watching something where everything seems like it relates to the show and/or everyone reminds me of a character in it. (I’m Leslie Knope, obvi. Oh, minus the blonde hair, the pants suits, and the insatiable need to organize everything. So basically, I’m just hyper.) Also, Ron Swanson is *lit-rally* the greatest character in the history of characters. Right up there with Captain Ahab and Jean Val Jean. (Incidentally, I think he would like both of those men a lot, which was completely accidental of me.)

(That clip has subtitles for some reason… but it’s still amazing.)

I know it sounds weird to say that binge-watching Netflix is good for your marriage (obviously I don’t mean all the time). But a girl named Hannah, whose blog is fabulous, wrote about the virtues of this phenomenon here and articulates very eloquently the goodness of enjoying a story, laughing together, and a little surprisingly- learning something about love. And how it can be many other kinds of love than even just romantic love. And if you don’t want to read the whole thing, here’s the quote I’m thinking of from her post:

Because sometimes you are too tired to talk about your day but still want to hang out together. Sometimes it is cold and dreary outside and you are broke and there is nothing else to do. Sometimes you can really bond over long debates about which character is the best and how they would respond in hypothetical situations in the real world. Sometimes watching all of the seasons of a show in the rapid succession that is the miracle of Netflix will just make you get all weepy and know you married a winner.

It’s so good. And so true.

3) Cannolis- Or, as I prefer to call it, The Cannoli Principle. I know what you’re thinking. “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” Because how could you not? And let me just tell, you this principle is right up there with communication in regards to successful relationships. Also, it is the Single. Most. Romantic. Dessert. Ever. We shared two different kinds on Saturday night, because my husband loves me. And I really want another one right now. 


Here’s why I love cannolis: because we never eat them (restaurants don’t serve cannolis, unless you’re at an Italian restaurant, I guess- which we are sort of lacking at the moment) which makes them special, because they are fancy (hello. romantic.) and because they are ridiculously delicious. Muffins are my every day love and always will be. But cannolis are like the fancy cocktail dress of the dessert world. (For me, anyway.) Local schmancy grocery stores are the best place to find them, if you don’t already have a local schmancy italian place that serves it.

It occurred to me as I prepared my post for this week that these 3 things were probably on my mind since they all happened (or… were eaten) this past weekend.  Still, it was one of the most fun weekends we’ve enjoyed together in awhile! Not that we’d want to do the same thing every weekend, but experiences we have as a couple help remind us who we are, how much both unique outings and familiar nights-in alike nourish our relationship.

And really, these thoughts apply to more than exclusively marriage relationships. However, when you throw the cannolis in there, it’s obviously marriage material…

I hope you get to do something different and something familiar with someone you love soon. If nothing else, leave the zoo and take the cannoli. And definitely watch some Netflix.

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  1. Hahaha point c made me lol because we, too, are pale hobbits whom you might call “indoorsy.” We’re also working our way through Parks and Rec right now for the first time! SO good.

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