Sunlight & Shadows: Albums, Art, & Anticipation

How bout that alliteration, people?

This week, I want to celebrate the release of a new album by an awesome group of guys in the band, Carrollton! Their newest album, Sunlight and Shadows, just released September 18th, you guys!! (Click the pic to go hear some snippets of their songs on iTunes!)


These guys are good. And they have a heart for ministry, too! The lead singer, Justin Mosteller, happens to be the worship minister at our church… (I totes know him. We’re pretty much BFFs.) He’s a humble and gifted person, and this album has already blessed so many people; I know it will bless you, too.

One of the purposes of this blog is to celebrate excellence within the arts within the church, specifically. So, I’m very intentional in the kind of artists I share here. Carrollton showcases that excellence, because they’re not only gifted at what they do, but their purpose of glorifying God and encouraging others transcends talent alone.

That’s one of the most unique characteristics about art created by believers. The art is a vessel for heaven to break through. I talked about this a few weeks ago, and decided to doodle my attempted definition of art and add it to Ebenezer Designs on Etsy this week! (Click the pic to see it in the shop!)

Art is a Bell Mockup

Speaking of adding things to my shop, be sure to watch for something super fun coming here to Long Live Beauty for the month of October!!! (EEEP. I’m so excited. But I’m not telling you what it is yet!) Suffice it to say that it will keep the blog and the shop (which is to say- me) very busy for the whole of next month…

I sincerely hope you go buy Carrollton’s album, Sunlight and Shadows, this week! (And if you need some hand-lettered art, I’d love to have visit my shop as well!)

Enjoy this video of one of my favorite songs on Sunlight and Shadows:

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