Day 4: Autumn Mornings

I don’t always love mornings, but I always love morning light. Especially in autumn.

Isn’t it divine?

I personally feel the beauty of whatever is beneath this shadow world most clearly trying to push through during that time of day, when everything is fresh and new and quiet, yet singing. It feels- almost- like things are the way they are supposed to be.

Autumn mornings make me feel this more acutely in some ways than other seasons do. Maybe it’s because it’s the harvest time; I remember the abundance we have yet to enjoy. The glory we’ll someday experience. And yet- He is with us now, even though we don’t live in the fullness of His presence like we will someday.


Isn’t it a grace to dwell in so much beauty even now? That even in this life which often feels like waiting or searching, we are graced with moments of freshness and newness, of quiet and singing? I love autumn mornings because of that and because they still my soul.


I hope yours may be stilled today, too.

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  2. I thought about this very thing on Saturday. It was a little bit foggy, and the sun was shining brightly through the mist, creating rays and beams – and making me grin so big. Such beauty! Such a gift.

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