Day 14: When You Need to Laugh (Really. Really. Hard.)

31 days of Enjoy square

Do you ever just need to laugh? I mean like- desperately need to laugh? I found myself needing that, and I didn’t even know it until my husband was showing me funny things on the internet. So, I thought it extremely appropriate to share some of my most laugh-worthy pins on my Pinterest board. Enjoy!

First, hipster Santa.


Deep stuff.


Man. I know she’s sarcastic and abrasive, but I just love her.


If you are a nerd in any capacity, your brain will probably explode after reading this.


I LOVE THIS ONE. DON’T YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY WHEN PEOPLE WRITE IN ALL CAPS?!?! (I mean, do they think it could sound like anything less than visual yelling??? Maybe visual isn’t the best word… but you know what I mean, right?)


This is just awesome.


I couldn’t help but include this one. If you’re not a Harry Potter fan, you just won’t get it. (Sorry not sorry.)


I think I laugh out loud every time I read this one… Because it’s EXACTLY how I feel about math.


Equally true is this one:


Ron Swanson is just my favorite. So I had to include one of him.27555a7750dd9f5b767a9faff6f0a211

And of course,  I couldn’t create a post about funny stuff without this one:


You’re. Welcome.

0 thoughts on “Day 14: When You Need to Laugh (Really. Really. Hard.)

  1. Oh, Haylie, you’re killing me! I was enjoying it (“enjoy” after all is your 31days) until I got to your math-bashers.


    So, I’m here because I saw your pin on the #Write31Days board. And was so excited to see the enjoy series and FINALLY get to go see some other people’s stuff.

    But now I feel compelled to share my stuff with you:

    31 Days of Math Learning Success:

    (Normally I wouldn’t just plug, but if I could I’d plug and hug. I don’t want you to be yukky about math anymore. #xoxo)

    1. Haha! Thank you so much!! I suppose I could’ve clarified that my feelings about math stem from the stress and loathsomeness of being graded on something for which my brain seems to have little to no capacity! (I am so right-brained, sometimes it’s annoying… for myself and others… aka my mother, who watched my math grades with much chagrin lol!) That said, whenever I actually get a glimpse into what math actually is and/or does in the world, it IS in reality, awesome. 😀 (I hope that assuages any sadness you felt on my yukkiness.)

      I myself can’t wait to dig into some others series!!! And have no fear, I click your link with an open mind. 😀 Thanks so much for taking time to read and comment!!! You have no idea how that makes my day! (Although you really probably do.)

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