Abide: Prepare Him Room

Last week, I talked about how I’ve been hand-lettering some dear, good quotes from Christmas hymns, and we talked about having the fullness of Christ- a thrill of hope- in the middle of darkness and winter.

A Thrill close up

Today, I am SO excited to share this very merry print with you:

Prepare Him Room

These words have been rolling around in my heart for a long time, and when Christmas draws near, they inevitably surface again. Which is such a good thing! It’s like someone showing up at my house with a homemade pumpkin roll (arguably my favorite baked good made at this time of year). 

Prepare Him room. 

Isn’t it delicious? Christmas time often makes me able to slip into this message like a cozy sweater on a winter night, or hanging extra twinkle lights (because people, I have them up year round) to brighten the house.

It’s a very fitting lyric found in the middle of “Joy to the World.” And a very key element of why Jesus was born to begin with. Emmanuel- God with us- came down to dwell here. Not just to spend some time with us, but to abide in us. (It says that exact thing in “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” Maybe I should doodle that one next…) 

We will go and visit loved ones for Thanksgiving, and enjoy the unique hospitality that only comes from family (in my case, this is an immensely good thing, though I recognize it’s not for everyone). They will prepare some space for us and for Lucy.

When we come back, we will probably spend a good deal of time preparing our home for Christmas cheer (again, with the twinkle lights). And in both cases, there is a preparing- a making room- for something good.

But the joy spoken of in “Joy to the World” is obviously so much deeper than homey comforts and twinkle lights (though they are delightful); joy comes from Jesus.

“Christ in me, the hope of glory,” right?

I’ve got to make room for that to happen. To receive my King, I must rest in him, clear out the clutter in my soul, and adorn my heart with hope and trust in Jesus.

I know I’m being so overtly metaphoric, but I don’t care. Because you know what? Humans need overt metaphors sometimes… We aren’t always the brightest baubles on the tree. And something about the literal action of hanging ornaments and decorations helps lead our hearts to the manger where they should be. And ultimately- we end up at the cross.

No, wait. We end up at the empty tomb.

He’s not there because he’s dwelling in us, now. My prayer this week is that as we brace ourselves for the world’s head-on collision of commercials, coupons, and calendars that spread our sanity thin- may we slow instead. May we let hope quiet us, love fill us, and faith to make space in our souls.

Prepare Him Room closeup

Let’s prepare him room together.


This print will be in the shop tomorrow!


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