Abide: When You’ve Run Out

Once upon a time, I spent a most satisfying hour at my favorite coffee shop, Cavu Coffee, sipping something delicious and planning out my Christmas Etsy projects.

IMG_4062Oh how I savored that hour! I lovely place, a lovely drink, and a lovely plan full of lovely intentions.

And then, December. What is it about this month that turns on the crazy in the world?? And I know you’ve probably experienced similar moments.

A Thrill close up

You know- when you walk into your house in the middle of a week that ended up full of commitments, which somehow all ended up happening within the same 48 hours, and now your standing in the middle of debris comprised of unopened mail, a mish-mosh of Christmas and fall decor (yet to be put away), various and sundry laundry, papers, and you don’t even know what else? You know what I mean?? When you’ve already had 3 cups of coffee and just feel like another 2 might get you through? Oh, and that there’s still more to go?

Yeah. I’m with you. I can’t even pretend to have new/cute pictures of anything to show you today. But I think it’s good. Because the chaos begs the question- what was I relying on again? My own capability? Responsibility? Ability in general?

Oh, yes. It was Jesus… at least, I’d intended it to be. But I’ve realized in a couple of weak moments this week (today… 2 minutes ago…) that even in weakness, his strength is made perfect. Meaning- not my strength. Like when I get home to my family and feel like I have no good thing left to give them after a full day of work- just utterly lacking- the abundance of Christ is still there.

Prepare Him RoomWhen I run out of time? God provides. Energy? God provides. Kindness? God provides. Money? God provides. Hope? God provides.

When I inadvertently default to the shabby shelter of myself and it collapses around me (like it always does), God provides a shelter in himself. As Colossians 3:3 says,

For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.”

In light of this, the Christmas Story expands with the fullness of Jesus, the vast expanse of glorious implications for us.

I also just so happen to read this verse this week:

You give me your shield, which is salvation; your answers make me great. You lengthen the steps I can take, yet my ankles do not turn.” -Samuel 22:36-37

You lengthen the steps I can take. Doesn’t your mess look much smaller now?

Everlasting Light 2

Let’s remember today, in the fray of December, that the peace of Christ is available to us even now- that we can abide in him. After all, there’s this:

“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”). – Matthew 1:23

God with us.