Wreaths, Ribbons, Bows {An Un-home Tour}

Finally. Finally my Christmas decor is up. After a week that made me seasick (landsick? lifesick?) in some ways, I’m catching my breath today, as I finally put up my gooooorgeous wreath from Dogwood & Oak!!!


I’ve had my eye on this ever since I saw it on Instagram! I was all like, “Hey wreath, come hang out on my front door; I’ll be your best friend forever!!!” I may’ve come on a little strong, but I was not to be thwarted in acquiring this beauty. Head on over to Dogwood & Oak’s shop on Etsy and fine yourself a wreath-friend of your own! (Yes. Wreath-friend.)

And because I’m so happy to have decorated my house, and to have done so in NOT the exact same way as last year, I’m sharing my highly lowly decorating skills with you all.


I keep seeing all these bloggers and their beautiful Christmas home tours, their spaces beckoning to me from afar. And I gaze wistfully upon them, ever so dramatically! I think it’s ok to do that. And I think it’s extra ok if you let it inspire you (not derail you into thinking how you really would love to change everything about everything in your home), especially when you encourage yourself to celebrate and use what you have!

dining area

all the picturesIt’s amazing what rearranging can do. And limitations- though sometimes stifling- can also be freeing to your creativity!

centerpiece 1
Admittedly, I didn’t do anything amazingly creative this year as far as decor goes… But just a few shifts here and there somehow did my soul good.

cute corner
Why am I so literal that physical rearranging feels like internal rearranging too? Hanging a few pictures tells my walls and my home what they’re about, and it tells my heart, too.


stockingsAnd I feel like I can say with more gusto, “Rejoice!”

centerpiece 3