When You Just Have to Try Something.

Sometimes, my husband doubts my ideas.

ponies 2

And by “my ideas” I mean “my concept of how many pieces of furniture can fit and/or look good in a room.” (Admittedly, a legitimate concern of his… sometimes.)

ponies 3And really, I guess it wasn’t so much doubt as mentioning he wasn’t sure if this organizational cube(s) thing would fit in Lucy’s room with this pretty, old wooden crib his mom gave us.

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out how she can find and enjoy playing with her toys in a more functional and less making-me-crazy way than just leaving them all scattered all over her floor (this is child #1, and as such, this is the first time we’re having to deal with the whole toys-everywhere situation). 

toys close upI’ve had this white cube thing for a few years now, and just knew it’d be a great way to store everything in a more accessible way for her (while also fixing the mess issue, which just makes me want to either a) throw all the toys in the closet, or b) throw them away period. What can I say? I’m a purge-er).

However, the crib is big enough that it didn’t look like there was enough room for it and the magical-organizational-sanity-restoring cube thing. (Also, my piano is in there too; it doesn’t really fit anywhere else in my apartment.) Plus, she loves putting her toys to “sleep” in the crib, so I wanted her to be able to play with it.

All this to say, I just wanted her room to feel a) pretty, b) organized, and c) like it looked intentional (you know, versus a here-are-all-the-things-we-couldn’t-fit-in-our-storage-unit look). 

So, I just did it. I took that cube-thing out of her closet where it was only semi-purposefully storing some stuff, and put it where I’d been thinking of putting it for months in her room.

lucys room 2

And you guys. It totally works!! So, what that the crib is now in the middle of the room? I’m totally ok with it. Lucy is playing with all her toys so much more now because of this set up.

little crib

Frankly, I can’t believe I waited this long to try risking putting this in her room! And I can tell it’s serving both my sanity and her playtime well. For one thing, within a minute of having set it up, she picked up something she hadn’t played with in weeks (because it was either in the aforementioned mess of stuff in her room/under her crib or in her closet).

cubesAnd maybe I’ll move the crib/other furniture around in her room some time. That’s the thing: it’s not permanent. If you move your furniture and don’t like it- you can just move it back. I know it sounds obvious, and yet somehow it still took me several months to just try it.

leiaP.S. My super amazing and talented sister made those two adorable little critters!!! She has a fabulous Etsy shop called All on Hooks and Needles which you really should check out!

While this is not a home decor blog, and while the pictures aren’t fancy, and while a billion people have a cube-thing like this in their homes (and have done so for years), this was a small risk I took this week.


Not all risks paid off, but it’s nice to at least start with a couple of easy wins like this one (I would say “and the curtains, too” but my husband might beg to differ since he’s the one who had to take down the blinds and install the curtains).

Sometimes, you just need to try something. I’m glad I did. Especially because I could’ve just put it back where it was, if it didn’t work out. But small wins, people!

Small wins.