Free Printable: Winter Manifesto!

YAY! It’s Thursday, January 14th, everyone!!! Why all the fuss and excessive use of exclamation points? Because WINTER is here!!!!!!!!!

…Wait, are you not excited about winter?…

Ok, maybe I’m kind of with you. I confess, I enjoyed fall and Christmas time to a very full extent, much like the consumption of a very delicious cupcake. However, this was the first year that knowing winter was coming scraped all the metaphorical icing off of the metaphorical cupcake, and replaced it with a gnawing dread, and me wearing a hateful glare as January threatened to arrive.

Apparently, neither January nor winter is intimidated by my hateful glares. Because they’re both here. (If you didn’t notice.)

The first really cold night of winter? That was a few days ago. When our heat went out. Figures. (Thankfully, we still have this little fake fireplace heater thing which we put in Lucy’s room for the night, so she was thoroughly cozy.) 

Here is our bedroom that night, featuring our normal sheets and comforter, the quilt that always lays on the end of our bed in case, plus a lovely thick knitted blanket which was a wedding present, my pink fuzzy blanket, and Ryan’s childhood quilt made by his grandma. We’d like to thank all the people who made warmth possible for us that night. You guys rock.

cozy bedroom

I used to love winter. No, I’m serious. I really used to love winter. I thought it was beautiful. And I thought to myself- am I really such a boring, typical adult that when winter comes I regurgitate the same droning complaints and exude the same Bummer McBummerson attitude as everyone else??? Creativity doesn’t drone, people! And if I have any creativity or joy for that matter, shouldn’t I be using it to make things beautiful… even and especially in winter?

I’d like to think I’m better than Bummer McBummerson. But I haven’t been. Because just like everyone else, I hate driving when it’s snowmageddon outside. Especially now that I have a little one, I easily feel on edge trying to operate heavy machinery around a lot of other people whom I don’t trust to operate their heavy machinery and who also feel on edge (and some of whom still insist on driving normal or even high speeds. like, what’s wrong with those people?! is where they’re going REALLY that important? I promise you, snow can beat your truck, reckless sillyhead). 

Because I AM better than Mr. McBummerson, I started thinking about what I used to love about winter:

  1. Everything looks like Narnia, and therefore one’s scope for the imagination is inherently broadened.
  2. You get to wear lovely coats and scarves and lots of layers, which makes it ok that you gained weight over Christmas.
  3. You suddenly savor everything that’s warm, like coming inside after walking in 20 degree weather and the heat is on, which feels like walking into a giant, soft blanket.
  4. Hot chocolate tastes like, 80 thousand times better when it’s cold outside.
  5. Seeing branches on trees.
  6. Snow days. (Side note: can we just admit how stupid it is that children in school get snow days BUT ADULTS DO NOT? Hear me out: where is the logic in saying, “Oh, for safety purposes, we won’t have the children go to school. But parents, you all should definitely drive your sedans on the interstate in the snow and ice with a bunch of other vehicles operated by other stressed out drivers who aren’t paying equal attention to their surroundings and/or don’t know how to or feel comfortable driving in snow. Oh, and you can’t bring your kids with you, so figure it out, parents. Because we’re adults and that means snow will submit to us. So, keep the children safe, but let’s risk our lives because we’re grown ups and we don’t have any way to get our work done outside of an office.” If only something existed that enabled you to communicate with others and access your data remotely????????? Clearly, I don’t have strong feelings about this. Side note/soap box/rant over.)
  7. Coffee. I don’t think that needs elaboration.
  8. Fuzzy socks.
  9. That magical, rosy light that happens sometimes in the morning and around twilight and illuminates everything after a really good snow
  10. My hair isn’t frizzy like in summer time. (This is further down on the list, but still highly important.)

Since I really would prefer not to feel stressed every time I get in my car for the next 2-3 months (let’s pretend it’s 2), and I’m determined to enjoy life in spite of the cold, frosty nature of things, I decided to create a Winter Manifesto… and share it with you all!

Winter Manifesto

I couldn’t decide which version I liked best, so I thought I’d just include all three and you can pick.Winter Manifesto Snow BackgroundWinter Manifesto Snowflakes

To download, I guess just right click and save, or you can click it and then save it, though that’s one extra click of your life you’ll never get back…

Other ideas I had to make winter better? Have a soup party. Have a pajama party. Have a hot cocoa party. Have a party that involves soup, pajamas, and hot cocoa. Oh! And everyone is required to wear fuzzy socks. I have lots of ideas… I’m basically a Leslie Knope that isn’t as intense or driven to compile binders of my ideas. Or Buddy the Elf. I’m not sure which one… If I could be Leslie Knope but wear a cute elf costume that would probably be ideal. (Am I drinking coffee while typing this? Yes.)

And how can you not enjoy winter just a little bit when you look at this puffy-coated, pajama-clad, blue-eyed preciousness?????

lucys puffy winter coat

I hope this is helpful for you, if you’re kind of feeling like Bummer McBummerson about winter. Maybe you could write your own Winter Manifesto??? If you want to design it for free, I used which is fun and easy.

If you do make your own, comment and share it with me!!!