Doily Wall {OR: Office & Bedroom Part 1}

In the spirit of risk-taking, I took- well- a risk. Not a huge one, but a risk nonetheless.

You know how The Nester made her bedroom look so cute and chic and lovely by putting white duct tape all over the wall behind their bed? Well, I just love the unexpected brilliance of that idea.

It’s one of those giving-yourself-permission-to-try-something things. And again, shouldn’t our homes be safe enough places to risk and be vulnerable and put duct tape on things just because we can in order to see what the effect is???

Currently, I’m reading this book called Creating Space: The Case for Every Day Creativity by Ed Cyzewski, and he talks about this same theme of permission and safety within creativity, how it’s crucial for most if not all creatives.

It’s hard to give yourself permission when you are so used to striving for perfection. But for one thing, imperfection, taking a risk, “failing”… aren’t those all part of the creative process? Cyzewski declares that they are. And I agree. Plus, isn’t imperfection far more achievable?

“…failure is not the same as a waste. Every attempt to let your creativity out is vitally important practice.” – Cyzewski (Page I-don’t-know-because-I’m-reading-it-on-my-iPad. But it’s in the section on safety.)

So, I risked taking a risk this week by doing something imperfect: I made a doily wall. Which is pretty much what it sounds like, insomuch as there are doilies on my wall.

I’d stop ever-so-briefly at the Target $1 spot (which is one of my favorite places) the other day, and managed to not spend a million dollars. In fact, I only spent $1 (plus tax, obviously) and bought a bag of these mint green doilies. I thought to myself, “Self. Those are some adorable mint green doilies. And they’re a dollar. Treat yo’ self.”


And thus began my brilliant scheme to do something awesome with them. It’s simple. I literally just took several pieces of scotch tape and applied to the back of each one like this:

doily tape

(Am I a DIY pro or what?!?!) And then I just stuck them all over our bedroom wall behind the bed. Sort of with the idea of grouping them closer together in the lower left corner and then scattering up and outward.

Doily Wall 2

We don’t have a headboard or cool, rustic window frames or anything like that at the moment, so I thought this might be a fun way to do something interesting behind our bed.

It’s kind of fun, right? And it only took me, like, 20 minutes total. I probably could’ve spent more time figuring out spacing and whatnot, but I’m ok with it being imperfect.

office andmy side

Here’s sort of a different view.


Remember, folks, we live in an apartment, so we’ve had to be creative fitting lots of furniture in this space. The bedroom also doubles as my office, as you can see here.

Later this week, I’ll be sharing Part 2 of these Doily Wall shenanigans! Namely:

a) we’ll find out if I still like it in two days, and

b) how do I cram an office/art space into this room and somehow remain organized so that my supplies are accessible?

So, stay tuned!

I’m still deciding if I even like these doilies on the wall, but man it’s gratifying to do something fun that is possibly THE CHEAPEST update of any kind that I could do. What do y’all think? Is the doily wall heinous? Sort of pretty? Janky and redkneck looking? The most brilliant breakthrough of design history thus far?

And do you have any brilliant design breakthroughs you’ve employed in your space? (Also, if you live in an apartment or small space and have awesome organizing skills- specifically as it pertains to art supplies- let me know, k? K.)