Doily Wall {OR Office & Bedroom Part 2}

As of today, the doily wall is still up. I think I like it! And you know the great thing about it? If I get tired of it or the tape stops sticking to the wall and it’s annoying, I can just take it down. Low commitment levels all around. Isn’t that what life’s all about? (Kidding, I’m kidding.)

Doily Wall 2

It was pointed out to me by a certain spouse of mine who shall remain nameless, that along with my bullet points for this post, being:

a) we’ll find out if I still like it in two days, and

b) how do I cram an office/art space into this room and somehow remain organized so that my supplies are accessible?

that I should’ve added:

c) we’ll find out what my husband thinks about the doily wall.

At which point, I asked him what did he think about the doily wall, and he said he actually didn’t care because I’m being creative and nesting in our home and he already told me he wants me to feel free to do that, so just do whatever I want.

Sigh! Isn’t that so romantic? But seriously, aren’t those some pretty glorious words for a wife to hear from her husband? Especially when she’s just done something kind of odd and unconventional by taping paper doilies to the wall??? (Honestly, he’s probably also thrilled that I didn’t ask him to hang some heavy object like a mirror or something above the bed. I get that. Hanging stuff can be cumbersome and annoying… although it can also be super worth it. Right, husband??? Just planting the seed…)

So, back to the bullet points for today. The long, ambiguous, rambling bullet points.

a) Do I still like the doilies on the wall? I think so. For now, anyway. I’m going to give them a week and then see how I feel. Or a month. Or however long.

b) How do I cram an office/art space into this room and somehow remain organized so that my supplies are accessible?

Well, that’s the focus of the remainder of this post! Yay. You should know, this has been a very fluid, tentative type of situation- arranging my desk, I mean.

I used to have a desk like this:

11218094_632897198410_2974403298730874124_o-2But it was in Lucy’s room… which defeats the whole purpose of having a desk when your child is napping in the room where you’d planned on getting work done. (Man, there was a lot of stuff on that thing… It makes me feel cramped just looking at it.) So, for awhile I attempted to work at our kitchen table. I like that space; I’ve worked on it and made it cute enough for the time being. But it was problematic when it came to artsy projects, because of the dim lighting.

So, we got rid of that desk! YAY! You can’t imagine my jubilation of getting it out of my house. It was cute, but it was too clunky to put anywhere else, and plus we got to give it to friends, so it now has a happy home where it’s not collecting dust like it was here. (And as you may remember, I was able to use the space for the much better purpose of making Lucy’s toys accessible to her.)

Instead, the hubs had the idea of using this long, skinny table from IKEA as a desk, which was originally in the small studio I rented out when my full time job was running a direct sales business a couple years ago.

It’d been sitting in our storage unit for awhile (I hate and love storage units, don’t you? On one hand, you feel silly for paying for your stuff to just sit somewhere, but on the other, some of the stuff is actually important and worth paying to store...). I wasn’t sure if it would fit, and was worried he’d lug it all the way up to our third floor apartment and then it wouldn’t work.

But it did. It’s actually working really well! And I love that I still have a lot of space to work that doesn’t cramp the rest of the room! And it’s by a window!!! So many exclamation points!!!!

Then there were less exclamation points for awhile, because I just could not figure out how to organize all my art supplies. I didn’t want to blame the IKEA table; it’s not its fault that I am bad at organizing stuff sometimes. And when I got into the fury of Christmas projects, it looked like this

messy desk

and I was about to lose my mind. So, I worked on at least getting it livable.

less messy desk

So, basically, all the crap was stacked nicely… but there was still kind of a lot going on there, and I didn’t like moving that pile of books every time I needed to get stuff out of that girly hat box. (Plus, the additional stack of books and miscellaneous papers on my bedside table. So. Many. Papers.)

Finally, I feel like it’s organized in such a way as I can now find stuff. Mostly.

desk birdseye

Ta-da! (Isn’t the Netflix Fireplace is happy! That’s why I put it on the Winter Manifesto I made. Oh, didn’t you know? That was a free printable from last week!)

Why are there two chairs, you ask? Because we have an exorbitant amount of those chairs. Ok, it’s not really exorbitant; at least, it’s not exorbitant when you have people over and need 8 chairs. But the rest of the time, we keep trying to come up with places to put them where they’re not in the way. (Now that we’re moving other stuff around in our home and storage unit, it’s possible we might actually be able to put one of those somewhere else! So much rejoicing.) 

Although, I do kind of have two workspaces, which I had to explain to the husby-hus a couple days ago. He just wondered if I really needed that much clear space on the desk. I enlightened him to the fact that I use the left hand side of the desk for computer work (blogging, work for Wendy/ITM, anything officey) and the other side is for artsy stuff, especially watercolor pieces that need taped down to the table while I work on them.

Here’s another view:

office andmy side

See that ridiculously cute IKEA cart??? That was my Christmas present from that spouse I was talking about earlier. And I am still gushing over it!!!!!! 

That cart has basically saved my life, organizationally. I can pull it out when I’m working on stuff, and put it back later. Did I turn my bedside table the “wrong” way in order to make the cart fit better? Yes. But I don’t care because nobody sees that except me, and both items serve me better this way. (I love this cart so much, I pinned several pins with cute ways to use it, in case I ever decide to organize this stuff with something else. You can see all of those here.)

cart birdseye

Tombow dual brush watercolor markers, chalk markers, pens, paint brushes, envelopes, stamps/mailing stuff, and phone charger all live on this first level. (And a couple other things too.)

cart 1

Didn’t I say a long time ago that I’m kind of obsessed with those lace pots from IKEA? Because I am.

cart 2

You are now on Level 2 of the Awesome Cart, featuring the cupcake bag full of colored pencils, the orange bag of more colored pencils, chalk, pencil sharpener, and a lot of card stock. And also a couple other cute things.

cart 3

Level 3 of the Awesome Cart is much like the basement of any place: it contains stuff that’s too big for the other levels, or not as cute, or very practical, like my paper cutter, stamps, ink, oil pastels, rolled up bag of crappy paint brushes only used for certain things, and my redneck paper plate palate for watercolor paint. (I know I should just buy a real one. Give it time.)


This stuff isn’t as cohesive or pretty, but it functions, and it all fits under the desk in the corner, so I’m ok with it. The black and white container is finished works 8×10 or smaller. The basket is finished works 12×12, along with mailers and a tin box of random other colored pencils and whatnot (I’m organized, but not that organized), and my water colors. Also parchment for letter-writing. Finally, the thirty-one striped container has any stationary, some notebooks, and… yes, that’s an Irish tin whistle sticking out of it, plus some glue sticks and scrap paper. Also a little trash can.


This is pretty self-explanatory (see that beautiful letter from my friend? And the other beautiful card from a different beautiful friend?? Those were the two most encouraging notes/cards I’ve received lately!). That notepad is where I write down a daily to-do list. Because I rock at adulting.

I share all this with you because again- we’re taking risks this year! And celebrating small wins. I also share it because- do any of you out there have really well-organized AND accessible art supplies? Because I welcome your insight into other creative ways to arrange/organize them!!!

I’m loving this office area, because it’s made great progress. But the great thing about creating intentional and beautiful spaces in your home is that it’s ok to be a fluid process. You can change things. So, for now this works, and I am so thankful for how this area is serving me and our family.

It means a lot that you stopped by! By the way, if you want to encourage someone to take some risks and celebrate their own small wins today, I’m totally ok with you sharing this post.


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