{Office & Bedroom: Part 3}

Last week, I shared about my spontaneous doily wall to add interest to the wall behind our bed,

Doily Wall 2as well as my “office” which is really just right beside the bed.

desk birdseye

office andmy side I just love creating this fun space that is really several intentional spaces now. (Or kind of. We’re getting there.)

Aside from those two spaces, there’s this other area in our bedroom that I have really been giving the stink-eye for a long time, because it mostly served as a gathering place for all the nomad stuff that didn’t have a home- anything from laundry to purses, to random bits of paper (what is it about paper that it’s always a primary contributor to places of chaos in the home?), to shoes that just got shoved under a chair, any and all throw blankets matching or otherwise which were layered over each other etc.

See it there, in the left-hand corner?

IMG_4854Well, no more stink-eye for you, weird chair/hope chest area! Now, it can breathe, and it actually makes me happy to look at. It’s not a big deal, but it just feels nice now. (The hope chest used to be my grandma’s; isn’t that cool?)

pink chair pink purse

I left one purse out to be an accent. Somehow I ended up with some soft pink things, and I really love them! So, I left the purse there to add to the happy pinkness.

chair corner best

This slightly smudged little coffee illustration has some happy pinkness in it, too, so I hung it above the chair. And now that everything in the world isn’t piled all over that chairmaybe I’ll- I don’t know- sit in it. (And drink some coffee.)


I may have to de-smudge it and add it to the shop. What do you think?

Coffee closeup

It’s not a perfect room. But I still think it’s lovely. This Office/Bedroom/Happy Pinkness seating area might be my favorite room in our home.

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