How to Breathe Spring Air in Mid-February

It seems like all I want to do lately is google pictures of beach desktop wallpaper. I settled on this one:


I think it’s because I’ve officially reached my winter quota.

I know, I know, I made my manifesto printable last month, but still. It’s been snowy and cold enough that I’m starting to go a little stir crazy. And is it just me, or do things seem more difficult to accomplish in winter?

Everything feels more cumbersome. Driving is precarious and slow-going, it’s really hard to wake up because you feel cocooned in your plush comforter (and also, the dark and cold makes it feel like the middle of the night even at 7:00 AM)… even clothes are uninviting! In the fall, I rejoice to get out my sweaters and boots, but come February when I’m still wearing the same 3 sweaters all the time, it just leaves me feeling frumpy and blah.

Spring! my soul cries. Spring should be here now! Ah, but not for another month, says the annoyingly cheery weather man. Fine, I reply icily, putting my chunky sweater back on.

Sometimes life fields as unwieldy as mid-February in the midwest. Nothing works quite right, you’ve forgotten what the sun looks like, and you are desperate for the new air to breathe.

That’s why this verse has been such an anchor for me lately.

Lengthen the steps

I had to paint some springy flowers and happy polka dots on it. Don’t they seem hopeful?

The two phrases that I’m especially leaning on are “Your answers make me great” and “You lengthen the steps I can take.” Have you ever heard this before? Whether you have or not, let it soak into your soul, because who else’s answers can make you great? Sometimes people offer nice answers or okay answers, but the only One whose answers make me great- filled with hope and goodness again- is the Lord.

That is a breath of new life in this stale winter air.

And so is the second part. Sometimes we don’t feel like we can take another step. But Jesus. Even now, he helps us move our feet forward in faith, and and we look behind and see that a small step turned out to be a leap.

Thank you, Lord for this. This love letter of yours is making me great. It’s filling me up with spring time even as the earth remains in winter’s wait.

I hope this feels like breathing new air for your soul today. At least for a moment. Hang on, kindred spirits. Spring is only a month away!

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