Shop Feature: Armor of God + Warrior Princess

I mean, who doesn’t like a warrior princess??

Armor Shop Pic

This might be my most favorite thing at the shop yet! It was commissioned by my mom to give out to her Bible study group, who just finished Priscilla Shirer’s study, The Armor of God.


That’ll preach.

And I don’t think I’ve ever had so much delight doing a custom order for the shop as I had doing this one. My feisty, redheaded, swirly-haired warrior princess girl is basically who I want to be when I grow up. (Why can’t my actual hair look like hers???)

The bravery I imagine this girl to have somehow, magically inspired me to be brave as I drew/watercolored/inked her into being. Don’t you feel that way sometimes? That it’s entirely hit or miss whether what you create, work on, put out into the world will be good? Or perhaps even more accurately- do you worry it won’t be an accurate representation of the glory you envision for it?

I think God uses the creative process whether or not we feel up to the task and whether or not we feel that the result is whatever we are defining as “worthy.”

But this time? I just felt joy. No silly preoccupations wondering if it was good enough. It just is. And it was fun! I remember that this is part of my worship. I’m wired to create things, whether I think they’re my best work or an insignificant, unremarkable doodle on a napkin. When I’m settled into this place of remembering- or worship- my creativity comes from a strangely humble and yet confident place. (Can I just think/feel like this all the time? Wouldn’t that be a relief?)

Here’s some joy from me to you! This piece is in the shop now, available in 3 different sizes- 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10. Click here to come visit Ebenezer Designs on Etsy and purchase your own downloadable, printable!

Ebenezer Designs Shop Update! {It’s Exciting for You.}

Are you ready? Are you excited??

You should be! Because I have a special announcement about my little shop of prints and printables, Ebenezer Designs, found on Etsy here.

My shop just turned a year old in March, and as a belated birthday gift from my shop to you, there is a shop-wide SALE! This is the first sale I’ve ever run. Woohoo!

Sale Pic Centered Faded

So you’ll find all printables (that means the downloadable ones for those of you who aren’t super techy) marked down significantly, no coupon code needed! Plus, there are three brand spankin’ new prints available, too! Here are two of them:

Gracious portrait 1

(Click the pic to see either of them in the shop!)

Lengthen-the-steps edit

Remember when I launched the shop? Ah, it seems like only yesterday…

1 Samuel 7:12 says,

“Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen. He named it Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.”

That’s the rock my shop is founded on. “Thus far the Lord has helped me.” That’s why there’s so much Scripture there. Because we need the Word in our lives, on our walls, in our hearts… everywhere. We’re forgetful beings who need reminding of the good things. We need reminding of God.

I hope this sale makes some of my imperfect, intentional creations accessible to you.
You’ll find other quotes along with Scripture, too- some just for the delight and beauty of them!

Maybe now is the time to rebuild your walls with some solid rocks. Some places of worship.


Shop Feature: Colossians 3:16

I love Colossians. Specifically, I love Colossians 3.

For the last couple of years or so, I keep coming back to it every so often, finding that I didn’t know how thirsty my soul gets for these words.

I recently thought (not for the first time), I want to hand-letter this whole chapter!!! But other priorities made me realize I probably shouldn’t do that. Yet.

So, to satiate a little of that desire, I just hand-lettered a part of 3:16 with some rustic, swirly letters.

Ebenezer Designs- Colossians 3:16


This is from the English Standard Version. I just love it. And I love that word- “richly.” Another word for that is “abundantly.”

It reminds me of what Jesus said in John 10:10 about coming so that we may have abundant life through him. (If you’re new here, you might like checking out the Reclaiming Abundance Project from awhile back.)

Verses like this remind me why I started Ebenezer Designs in the first place.

If you love Colossians 3 as much as I do, this printable is available in my shop for just $7. (You can click the pic to go straight to the listing in Etsy.)

I hope you enjoy it!

How the Target Dollar Spot Saved my Sanity

I don’t remember if I was this scatter-brained or not the first time I was pregnant, but lately? I can’t remember squat. And it’s bad. Like, I’m an adult. An adult. I can’t be this flakey. I’m not even in my early twenties any more.

I’m in my late twenties. {Ooooh such a big difference…} But seriously, it feels like I’m walking around in a fog of knowing I’m constantly forgetting about 12 or more things. Or- now that another baby is using up all my brain cells- it’s like the tenth of the cells left in my brain couldn’t keep up with the maintenance of a suburban, 2500-square-foot brain, so they moved into a 250-square-foot tiny house. {But not for the reasons of “redefining what successful is” or because it, “sets us apart from everybody else” like the hipster couples on that new HGTV show. Maybe pregnancy has made me extra snarky, but does anyone else roll their eyes when they say stuff like that? I mean, they are moving into a tiny house, but it’s still nicer than what the other 99% of the world lives in…and often still bigger. I’ll stop there before I digress further into opinions only I care about.}

Anyway. As a result of my tiny-house brain and the lone two or three brain cells left to man it, I found myself in desperate need of a solution to keeping track of my responsibilities, dreams, passions, and generally remembering what’s happening today.

I needed categories of everything. And I needed to see them. On a wall. Probably the wall by my desk- yes, that would do nicely. Maybe on little dry erase boards? Cute ones, if possible?

Enter the Target Dollar Spot.

I’ve spoken many times of the virtues of Target, the Dollar Spot being on it’s own separate level of awesome. So, with my supportive husband {who is a fan of any grip on sanity I can maintain} and toddler waiting generously in the car, I entered the home of the glorious red bullseye.

And here, I present the fruits of my 15-minute perusal {really, I need a more aggressive term. It was like an archeological dig but really fast. Speed-dig? Someone out there with more brain cells than me could come up with something better.}

clean slate 2

There it was… all fresh and clean and ready for me to dump contents of my life upon it.

Clean Slate

The calendar was, admittedly, not from the Dollar Spot. But people, it was $10! {I know, it’s April and I’m just now getting a 2016 calendar. Don’t judge me.}

And here it is after it’s first glorious week of my brain-dumping upon it:

brain dump corner

Let’s back it up so you can see the whole picture.

partial view corner

And now, for a close-up.

brain dump

I finally found a cute place for that cute sign my awesome husband surprised me with months ago! And I added flowers for obvious reasons.


chair side view

I can hear Julie Andrews now… “In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be!”

Okay, let’s back it up one more time, so you can appreciate the full splendor of this brain-dump area. {I wish I had a more aesthetically pleasing term for it… It’s not really a Command Center like you see on Pinterest. It’s kind of like my planner. Except it’s a wall. Wall-Planner? I’ll take suggestions.}

the whole corner

I’m sure I’m not the first person to do something like this. But it was so immensely gratifying to come up with it, find perfect mini-dry erase boards, that super cute calendar, and see it actually work for my poor, under-staffed brain.

It’s not perfectly coordinated or magazine-worthy. But it’s pretty and it works. 

I’m so thankful for you, Target Dollar Spot. Don’t ever change. {Except do, because I love when you have new stuff.} And I’m thankful for my husband, who loves me enough to let me put girly stuff like this on the wall in my office/our bedroom.