Little Big Girl Bedroom!

On Saturday, we moved Lucy into her toddler bed. {Moment of silence and/or me crying and scrolling through all the baby pictures I’ve ever posted to Instagram.}

I don’t know what possessed me to agree to it. Maybe it was the super cute comforter I’d bought, or the super cute canvases, or maybe it was the two adorable pillows we found at IKEA on Saturday… Maybe it was just walking around IKEA on Saturday.

I’m pretty sure IKEA is at least partially to blame. Because when we got to the toddler bed section, for the first time ever, Lucy was climbing onto every little bed and declaring it hers. {Also, they had the pillows I mentioned which, as you will see, go PERFECTLY with the other decor I’d acquired.}

All I know is, somehow I found myself agreeing to let Ryan convert her crib into its toddler bed form and 30 minutes later it was done.

I was in shock, though this did not prevent me from immediately getting out all the aforementioned pretties and arranging them.

Aside from my handful of tearful moments over the whole scenario of my-baby’s-not-in-a-crib-anymore, I had SO much fun planning updates for her Big Girl Bed + accouterments! And you don’t have to break the bank to accomplish an updated room- yay! Pinterest told the truth about that after all…

Wanna see? I’m going to assume you said yes, since you’re still reading this.

Here are two before pictures:

Lucy Room Before 1Lucy Room Before 2

They’re clearly not great quality pictures. But they were quickly taken for the purpose of sharing with family and friends. Clearly, this is before we had a baby shower and received the 8 million toys, humidifiers, shoes, and other baby whatnot that now begs a place in her room…

Ok, now to the after… Brace yourselves. {I know it’s just me bracing myself, because it’s my baby who isn’t a baby anymore. Y’all are totally comfortable with the emotional uprooting this change means for me. It’s ok. I forgive you.}IMG_6259

Looks pretty comfy, right? It is. Ok but let me back up. It gets better.

Big Girl Bed and decor

The bedding came as a twin sized pillow case + comforter from Target because of course it did. I’d spent all this time having fun pinning all manner of Land of Nod bedding options- which are absolutely beautiful and precious! However, they are also a million dollars- for like, the fitted sheet that goes WITH the bedding set you want.

So, a jaunt through Target led me to this set, which I think is downright cheerful, don’t you? And the website says the twin set is 29.99 which is great! But I actually got mine a little cheaper than that because it was randomly on sale in the store- aka I did a really cool happy dance in the bedding aisle when I went to buy it. {Plus, it’s not full of garish characters that assault the eyes like all the toddler bedding sets out there.}

And are those canvas prints not the cutest??? They’re from that store called At Home, which I mentioned last week. Here are closeups of them:

Sun CanvasCloud Canvas

Maybe it would help to explain that my husband sings “You are My Sunshine” to Lucy every night before she goes to bed, like his dad used to sing to him. {If you’re wondering, yes it’s the sweetest thing ever.}

Thus the pillows… Speaking of which.

Big Girl bed Pillows

Don’t they just look friendly? This is what I’m talking about. They were such cheap little pillows that won me over with their adorableness at IKEA and their perfect-matchyness-with-the-canvases. {I think IKEA and At Home called each other and planned the whole thing.} You can find the sun here and the cloud here.

{Side note: If you’ve never had a toddler, apparently there is a whole toddler-pillow transition thing that happens, where they can asphyxiate if a pillow is too soft or something. As if we hormonal moms need more things to freak out about… And then I freaked out because the internet unhelpfully showed me all these really expensive ridiculous things claiming to be high tech toddler pillows and I’m like what the what?! But once I calmed down from my freak out, I decided Lu doesn’t need a pillow right now at all. Why would she? She’s never slept on one before.

So, once she’s comfortable with the bed, maybe I’ll introduce this flat little accent pillow I have, but for now, no pillow = me not constantly checking the baby monitor in a panic and Lucy not caring either way. See? YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO WHAT THE INTERNET SAYS. Do whatever works for you and your hormones and your little one. And as a benefit, the big pillow you’re seeing in the pictures can just go on the floor beside her bed at night and catch her if she falls off. The cloud and sun pillows can do that too! Yay pillows having other uses… Ok. Side note over.}

Big Girl Room Dresser

So, backing up again, this shows you that I didn’t redo her whole room. I really just switched up the bedding and the art above the bed. Let’s look at the other side of the room:

Big Girl Room Angle

So, the other side is in transition. I wasn’t sure where to put the little stuffed-animal-filled crib, but with moving the baby monitor from that corner to the other side of the room, we were able to fit it back there instead. This means that part of the room feels less congested and awkward than before- yay progress! But there’re still some oddities I’m working out- like where to put that little black, cube-shaped ottoman. I’m not sure what’s happening with it, but it houses some toys nicely, so there it sits.

I am really excited about the exceedingly simple yet intentional story corner I created using an old husband pillow and two blankets- one for the floor and one to cover the husband pillow to make it look girlier. Again, this is not a reading nook that you’d find on Pinterest, but Lucy loves it and likes me to sit with her and read books. So I’d say that is a win!

Story Corner

Lumpy but comfy. The Nester says “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” It doesn’t have to be perfect to be functional either. No, the blankets don’t coordinate with the bedding etc. But my toddler is overjoyed to get out her books and read them to her ponies. So, it’s perfect for now.

I wasn’t sure what Lucy would think of her new big girl bed situation. But check this out- this picture is from the first moment she climbed onto the bed after we assembled it.

First Time on Big Girl Bed

Look at her sweet face!! She LOVES it! I was/am simultaneously thrilled and bummed she liked it so much. Because now I can’t pretend like putting the crib back together is even an option… She’s officially a Little Big Girl. {Insert all the hysterical crying emojis here.}

If you have any additional recommendations on cute ways to organize and/or decorate toddler rooms I’m all ears! And/or if you’ve done up your own super cute little big one’s bedroom recently, do share about it in the comments.

Meanwhile, if you’re also emotional about your baby growing up, let’s you and me go grab some coffee… I’ll get the half n half. And the Kleenex.

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  1. Almost finished with Will’s big boy room!!! I’ll post on RadLife when it’s done! I also ugly cried in Target and IKEA. The struggle is real.

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