Songs That Grief Sings {For You, Broken Hearts}

This week, two different families I know suffered loss of a loved one. The contexts differed greatly, but heartbreak does not discriminate. I know both families live- for now- in a moment heavy with grief.

As a nervous talker, I feel acutely wary when it comes to opening my mouth around those who are grieving. Especially if I’m not. Or even if I am. Basically, opening my mouth usually seems like a bad idea, and when I do it, I typically only allow a few phrases to come out of it in those situations. Mostly just an earnest “I love you” and a hug.

I love Christa Wells’ song “Come Close Now,” which articulates much better than I can this posture of awkwardness mixed with love when it comes to approaching someone else’s pain.

I love what she says on the bridge:

Lay down our plans / Lay down the sure-fire fix / Grief’s gonna stay awhile / There is no cure for this / We watch for return / We speak what we’ve heard / We sit together, in the burn

A friend also shared with me this incredible song by Jason Gray called “Not Right Now.”

Out of my own place of prayer and pain on behalf of these friends, I wrote my own song. Here is the rough video I took of it:


I believe a song of grief is worthy as any we offer in worship, and I believe God is big enough to handle it. He is well-acquainted with suffering. If you’re grieving, I hope these few songs can come sit beside you in your grief for a few minutes, offer themselves as companions while they last, and then be comfortable with the silence when it comes again.


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    1. Thank you SO much for that. I love reading your blog- writing is so clearly a gift of yours, and I look up to you because of that, as well as your heart!

    1. Jamie dahling!! Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking time to write them out here! It means a lot.

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