How I Happy: May 2016 Edition

How I Happy is making it’s second official appearance today! To visit the first and most epic introductory post, click here.

So, here’s how I’m happying this month.


  1. This Blue Willow tea cup and saucer. tea cupWe actually use my grandma’s set of Blue Willow dishes in general, but this little friend was purchased on our honeymoon at a little antique shop in South Haven, Michigan. Lately, I’ve just been digging drinking some afternoon tea out of it with little cookies on the plate. British style (ish). It motivates me to drink tea instead of coffee, because when I’m not pregnant I’m at a steady 3 cups a day… So, herbal tea it is. (I really like the raspberry zinger kind.)


How I Happy (aka this awesome maternity t-shirt)I have never been so enamored with a t-shirt in my life. Ryan and I saw this one by Wicked Clothes while he was looking at various funny maternity shirts online, and I was like, “That is AWESOME AND SO TRUE.” Because literally that’s all I want from him…or anyone.

But seriously THIS tshirtBut seriously.

Even if part of the statement is thoroughly untrue. (And before you think of trying to tell me I’m a petite pregnant beauty and other lies, let me just say that there ARE times when I truly am not pretty right now, people. It’s cool, just tell me I’m pretty anyway.) 

We first came across the shirt a couple of months ago I think, and even though I loved it (let’s be real- Ryan loved it too), we were like, there’s no way we’re paying whatever this shirt costs (if a t-shirt is more than $10 I’m not buying it). Well, blame internet cookies for continually featuring links to this t-shirt on Facebook or just the fact my husband is awesome and loves to make his pregmonster wife happy, but a little over a week ago, he told me he broke down and ordered it for me. #husbandforthewin

I was so happy, I literally talked about it every day waiting for the shirt to get here. FINALLY it arrived on Tuesday!!! I basically threw a party in this t-shirt’s honor in my head. And I think I texted a picture of myself wearing it to like, 3 different people.

If you need this t-shirt in your life, click here(They also have one with a sad bear that says, “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry.” That one was a close second to this one. But definitely second.)

3. These Pioneer Woman mugs.

Pioneer Woman Mugs

Let me just tell you, I am in LOVE with the Pioneer Woman line of dishes at Walmart– that’s right- there is something cute at the Walmarts and it is those dishes. However, as previously mentioned, I already have dishes. But coffee mugs are my happy place…as well as tea cups. So basically, any type of ceramic or glass vessel intended for hot-beverage-drinking. These delightful mugs carry on the floral theme from last month’s post. 

I am a firm believer in the power of an aesthetically pleasing coffee mug. It takes the whole experience of drinking a cup of coffee to a whole new level of delightful.

4. Beethoven. Yup. Just Beethoven in general. I recently made a playlist on Spotify called “Because Beethoven.” And it’s awesome. It’s great for working as well as background music for when my toddler is awake and we’re playing and/or I’m doing housework etc. In my professional undergrad-Fine-Arts-with-a-Music-Emphasis opinion, that guy was like, a super good musician. (I opine so articulately… Wanna know what I think of Dickens? I think he writes words good.) Click here to listen to it yourself!

5. Essential Oils. Guys. I know. I’m super late to this trend train. But my amazing mother-in-law recently gave me several oils, and I’m officially loving them! So far, she’s gifted me with a lovely handful of different kinds from Doterra, as well as some fabulous cleaner made from the OnGuard oil that you dilute with water in a spray bottle and it smells like cloves and citrus and wonderfulness when you clean with it! Here’s what the OnGuard stuff looks like:


Also, my favorite one to wear is the citrus bliss oil! It’s summery and citrusy (as the name suggests) and basically makes me smell like I peeled a bunch of oranges and lemons.

6. This post on marriage by Alia at Girlfriend knows how to write about marriage- here she talks about the “hospitality” of marriage. It is so good and you need to read it like yesterday.

7. This post about how dumb it is to have mom guilt over feeding your kids cheeseburgers. Seriously- punch your mom guilt in the face, friends!

8. Evangeline Grace- because another girl, people! We found out a couple weeks ago that we’re having a girl, and I shared the following announcement on Facebook (because gender reveal parties are so first-child…although we didn’t do a gender reveal party for Lucy either. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Or at least, we don’t.) 

Another Princess 2 CONTRAST

Another Princess 3Another Princess FILTEREvangeline means “messenger of good news.” (Pronounced [eh-van-jel-een]) I love that. And I love that her middle name, Grace, IS the good news. This is as powerful a name as I could give her, and I’m praying it will be something she clings to. Btw, we’ll call her “Evie” (pronounced ee-vee, which maybe you were wondering). 

She’s already having a great time kicking me in the bladder.

Your turn: How are YOU happying this month?

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    1. I love that, Francie!! That’s what I hope this semi-silly semi-serious monthly can do for people (as well as myself)!

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