On Being Creative {A Series}

Welcome to the homepage for the “On Being Creative” Series!

On Being Creative: A Series for the Hearts and Minds of Creatives Everywhere


This has been on my heart for awhile, because of what God’s been doing IN my heart. Writing for this series feels like I’m stretching some shaky, uncoordinated mental and emotional muscles with shaky, uncoordinated words to match.


But if you’re willing to walk a tremulous bridge of vulnerability, I welcome you into a deep and secret place where all my thoughts and desires regarding creativity live. May my pain meet yours where it’s at, may hope chase close behind, may my fumbling words say something good (may they say something period), and where you and I encounter my limits, may we see beyond them to the limitlessness of God, the first and greatest Creator.


You’ll find links to each post as they’re added. Come back any time! And please, I welcome your own contributions to the conversation. As we’ll see, stories build stronger bridges between us, and yours is no exception.


Day 1: Creativity: Practicality + Purpose + Place

Day 2: The Impossible Ache of the Creative Soul

Day 3: The One Word That Kills Creativity

Day 4: Five Tips to Cultivate Creativity

Day 5: Why Believing in Yourself Doesn’t Work {For the Creative Who Can’t Right Now}

Day 6: A Creative’s Playlist

Day 7: Minstrels and Bards {That’s What We Are}

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