Hi, friend! I’m Haylie. Wanna have some coffee? I’m on my third cup today. Then I’ll tell you a little about me…


Ok, now I’m ready.

For starters, I love coffee (if that wasn’t obvious). Specifically, really strong, earthy coffee with a splash of half and half. I’ve got a beautiful baby girl, and an awesome- wait. I’m not sure you heard me- AWESOME husband.

And I’m a creative driven by a longing for beauty.

Welcome to the sacred space I lovingly carved out of the online world to share my own creative outpourings, fueled by a heart that aches for beauty. Why? Because I know it’s really a longing for the mysterious, infinite, astonishing love of Christ. Beauty- in my mind- is often a synonym for wholeness. And that is the very work of God. He’s in the business of bringing wholeness and beauty back to a broken and ugly world.

And you know what else is mysterious and astonishing? That he invites us to be part of the process. We get to share in The Great Story of saving grace. For me, I marvel at and wrestle with the part the arts (specifically within the body of Christ) play in this beautiful mystery.

So here in this little place (I’ve decided to think of it as a cottage… it just sounds cozier than website) what will you find? Hopefully, beauty. Some heavy, and a lot mercifully light-hearted. (Isn’t the world heavy enough on its own?)

You’ll find my Etsy shop, Ebenezer Designs, a little corner of intentional beauty where lots of prints, printables, cards, and other doodles live. Then there’s Long Live Beauty, my blog, where you’ll hear from me a couple times a week, along with monthly featured artists, beauty-bringers, song-singers, story-tellers, butchers, bakers, and maybe even some candle-stick makers; people who excellently and humbly offer their gifts and tell their stories. We’re not here to be perfect, but in our imperfect hearts and creations we point to the perfect grace of God, the beauty of Him, of what He has done. Lastly, on the Music page, you’ll find some of my story via songs I’ve written.

As creatives who follow Christ, we reveal that beautiful ache- where broken humanity reaches for divine wholeness- with each articulate brush of paint, each stroke of ink, each lyric and melody that strikes a chord on the human heartstrings. And that’s the other thing. I long for this to be a community! Let’s be bold in this journey together. I want to hear your stories of creating, of searching for beauty, for Jesus.

Won’t you come in, kindred spirit? Won’t you huddle around your coffee mug and fireplace with me? Let’s sing songs and tell stories and look at lovely things on Pinterest. Let’s eat good meals and lots of chocolate.

I’ll be here, searching and seeking out beauty, in the mighty and the mundane (and probably a lot of run-on sentences). Come have some coffee, or tea, or whatever it is you please, and we’ll fill up our longings for this beauty- with Jesus and his beautiful work in our souls.

Raise your glass, friend- Long live beauty.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

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  1. I don’t now how I have missed your blog until now but I just found you and started reading this and now there are tears running down my face. All I can say is YES YES YES! This was (and still is) something I struggled with in college when I really started pursuing my photography and something that weighs so heavily on my heart. I realized now reading this that I have stopped wrestling with God’s beauty in my daily life, stopped seeking it and dwelling in it. Oh my dear I can’t tell you how wonderful finding your little cottage has been for my soul, I feel like I just walked out of a very dark forest into this beautiful little clearing filled with flowers.
    I can’t thank you enough for sharing your love of God’s beauty, it has been the stick that poked the ashes of my own dying fire that I hadn’t even realized had been flickering out.

    1. Kristie, Dahling!!! Your words just fill me with gladness and encouragement! You have a beautiful heart and beautiful gifts and I always loved when you shared them. I hope you keep sharing and keep creating. So much love to you (and Alex)!

  2. I sure love and appreciate you! Always have! It’s a game changer when we finally clue in that all we have is now. Thanks for inspiring others to awaken to the beauty we so long for–it is Christ!

    1. Marsha, the feeling is mutual!! I love knowing you’re out there in the world, being your kind self. And amen! It is Christ. These posts are just as much for me- they help me remember important things like “now” and the process of continually surrendering it to Christ (and therefore experiencing the abundance he offers). Much Love to you!!

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