Sweet Days: Being a Good Steward of Now

Do you ever think about that? How now is all we have? It kind of sounds like a line from a Nicholas Sparks movie trailer, but it’s true! And do you ever consider that looking back at particularly sweet memories- whether of good times or struggle- is like looking back at our past “nows”?

Sometimes I think about this during the week, when there are crumbs all over Lucy’s high chair seat, and they look as apathetic about moving as I feel about moving them.

Or when it’s bath time and I find myself thinking, “Really? Didn’t I just give her a bath like- last night?” Don’t worry. The ridiculousness is not lost on me. It’s always like coming to a fork in the road- I can either choose to savor or to begrudge the moment.

It’s especially tempting to begrudge the moment when faced with a whole weekend of moments that you didn’t realize you planned to all happen within the same 48-hour time frame.

That’s what happened this past weekend. An event at church Friday night, driving two hours to family friends’ house (and by house, I mean farm) for Lucy’s first Easter egg hunt, then driving another couple hours to be with my mother-in-law’s family to celebrate my grandma-in-law’s 80th birthday, then driving more hours and getting home late Sunday night. (Grandma-in-law. That’s technically correct, but it just sounds weird.)
IMG_5754 But in spite of it being Weekend of All Plans Converging, it was truly a wonderful weekend! I confess, so many of the best weekends in my memory are like that- full of food, family members we rarely see, and special events.

The Easter egg hunt probably felt like the most exotic experience Lucy has ever had, since we live on a third-floor apartment and the most exotic landscaping here is… grass.

Side note: Is she not the MOST adorable thing ever?!?! I mean, it shocked me that she let the Easter bunny look at her, let alone hold her!

It’s a unique kind of delight watching your little ones discover.

She did a great job finding eggs. Of course, it may have helped that she had four adults pointing her in the right direction…IMG_5757

After each egg, with her brow furrowed and her blue eyes laser-focused, she’d say, “More,” and move on, scanning the terrain like a trained hunter. It was all very dramatic.IMG_5758IMG_5759

When she found out there was candy in the eggs, it basically blew her mind. Papa kindly obliged by unwrapping some pieces for her.

(And for himself, too.)IMG_5756

What a blessing to spend time with my parents as well as my husband’s! As well as both of Lucy’s great-grandmas. I love that we had that opportunity this weekend!

Naturally, all the grandmas and grandpas and mimis and papaws were only too happy to spoil and play with all the grandkids/cousins. (Which is only right.)


I also managed to sneakily snap this picture of Lucy with her first cousin. She went and found him watching a show in the corner behind the dining room table and promptly sat down with him.


She adores him and thinks he’s hilarious.


Somehow, I did not take more pictures. But sometimes, isn’t it more exhausting trying to capture a moment instead of just living it- or savoring it? I think I begrudge moments more when I feel obligated to document every single one.

Whether a weekend is chock-full of plans or simply consists of long hours laying on the couch in pajamas, it can still be challenging to be a good steward of “now.” As I looked at the agenda for this weekend, I confess I felt tired just thinking about it.

But as the time came for each event or gathering, I felt myself savoring the moments of all of them. Because moments are a privilege. “Now” is a privilege. It reminds me of that verse that says we’ve received “grace upon grace” through Christ.

This weekend was full of moments- a full schedule, full tables, full bellies, full houses, full hearts. Grace upon grace. I need to remember these rare occasions where it occurs to me to savor and cultivate gratitude for now, whatever it looks like. Maybe you need that reminder, too?

Whatever our now looks like, I pray that you and I can be good stewards of it, and of the grace upon grace we are given.