New Life & Chalkboard Signs

I have an announcement! We’ve decided to renovate… our family. Get it? Too cheesy? Never mind, we all know there’s no such thing, because a) cheese is awesome, and b) cheesiness is always hilarious in that classic humor kind of way. (Right?) 


Regardless, our new addition will be here in late September! And I say “we’ve decided” as if we were planning on another baby. The truth is, we were just thinking about trying for another baby… someday soon. (Apparently thoughts are powerful things, people.)

Lucy thought it would be a great idea for her to tell you, since it’s one of those big milestones on her to-do list/2-year plan. Also, she got to wear this fabulous dress purchased by her Mimi.


I put in a good bit of work into that chalkboard sign. I put slightly more work into growing the small human on the right.

I found the idea for this pregnancy announcement on Pinterest, because isn’t that where all ideas come from? And I’ve used this chalkboard for so many fun things already, I knew it would be great for this.

Here’s a closeup:


Fyi, I used chalk markers instead of actual chalk, in case you couldn’t tell. They’re great to work with! I just get them at Walmart, because they’re much cheaper than craft stores (usually). Also, for some reason the pink looks slightly brighter in the pictures than in real life.

I’ve used them several times in the last 6 months, including for my grandma’s 95th birthday back in August:


This was so fun to do! I’m pretty sure my mom got this idea off of Pinterest too… possibly Etsy, but definitely also Pinterest.

When using the chalk markers, they will dry and be semi-permanent on the board. I mean, if you really REALLY scrubbed with like, a magic eraser, you might be able to get it off… But I just use chalkboard paint and painted over it after I scrubbed the majority of it off.

I used the chalk markers again for this chalkboard as well as two smaller chalkboards at a good friend’s baby shower last month:


It was basically the rockingest baby shower that’s ever been thrown…


Obviously, I worked on making the pregnancy announcement photos prettier, but in the other pictures’ defense, they didn’t know they were destined for this blog-post until like, 20 before I started writing it.

I realized it might be helpful to know about these chalk markers if you want to try a chalkboard design, but need to do it fairly quickly and without chalk dust and in such a way as it can’t get wiped off easily. 😀

I’d recommend having a wet cloth handy as you’re working, because I frequently have to wipe off little problem spots and re-do them. If you wipe it off right away, it won’t leave anything behind!

I also have this cute little pretend chalkboard that isn’t really a chalkboard but I don’t know what material the black part is. So, I call it a chalkboard. It’s been part of my island centerpiece for awhile now. The chalk markers wipe off of that one fairly easily and I don’t have to paint over it, which is great! It’s fun to doodle something new on it as the seasons change.

Here it is freshly re-doodled for spring!



I can’t believe we’re leaving the world of single-child soon! January and February were rough, let me just tell you. And if you’ve noticed my posts slowing down, or being posted much later in the day (I’m fairly confident you haven’t, unless you’re really type A or just really attentive to my posting habits) it’s because of the amount of time I’ve spent in the fetal position on my couch, or gagging when I look at any of the food in my house, and/or spontaneously running an urgent errand to get french fries because I must have french fries RIGHT NOW. Etcetera.

Finally, second trimester is in sight! Praise. The. Lord. I’m finally starting to feel like a functional human again, which is working out well for my poor family, who has had to deal with me. (Shout out to my AMAZING, WONDERFUL, CHARMING, HANDSOME husband who has been treating me like my requests are perfectly reasonable and even deserved, instead of whiny and hormonal and fickle like a tumultuous ocean in a sailor’s song from the 1700’s.)

These aren’t perfect photos. But I love them. Especially this one, the farthest from perfect one of all, since the shower-curtain-backdrop I used was blowing to far to the left, so you can see the street of the apartment complex behind it.

6 cheesy smile

But look at that cheesy smile!!! As I previously pointed out, cheese is awesome, and I think this is a great example of that. I’d just told her we were going to get a treat at Starbucks after we took pictures if she gave me a big smile (because I think bribery is a characteristic of good parenting). Clearly, it worked.

I hope this was helpful or fun or entertaining or made you excited about spring! Or all of those things. I’m SO excited about spring, which is probably obvious from my doodling flowers and birds’ nests on everything…

Do you create fabulous chalkboard signs? Or have any additional tips? And/or are you a barely functional pregnant woman trying to make it through your first trimester? Girlfriend, I am with you!!! We can do this together!