Thank You Cards: Because Puns + Whimsy Can’t Go Wrong, Right?

Have you ever felt so thoroughly overwhelmed with gratitude towards someone that you painted a whimsical mermaid and fairy and made them into Thank You notes to send to that someone???

Thank You Tray

Well, that’s how I felt after the Sprinkle that my amazing- let me say it again, AMAZING- sister in law threw for me a few weeks ago. Wow. I confess, it was one of the most beautiful, fun, cozy, perfect showers I’ve ever been to- whether as the guest of honor or just as an attendee.

Also, I’m pretty sure she is the official Queen of Diaper Cakes. And Diaper Wreaths. And Diaper decor… All the diaper things.

Sprinkle 3

Yes. That is a diaper wreath above the fireplace. Epic. Then there was this big, lovely diaper cake (one of several, people).
Diaper cake 1

Those gold sparkly tiny baby shoes!!!

And then, there was some pretty fabulous food, too… Three words: Pink. Velvet. Cupcakes. (With cream cheese icing in the middle. Okay, more than three words.)

sprinkle 1sprinkle 2

I was truly overwhelmed by the generosity both of my sis in law and the dear group of friends and family who came! Lucy even got several big sister gifts!! Including this adorable crochet Elsa doll made by my mega-talented big sister:


Btw, she has a whole Etsy shop of these fabulous crochet buddies called All on Hooks and Needles which you MUST look at!!! You can also see pictures of what she’s working on right now- before it’s even in the shop- here on her Facebook page! (Her shop even features an entire crochet Noah’s ark set!)

Lucy of course has been carrying her doll around ever since…

I know I received diapers at Lucy’s shower(s), but man, I feel like I’ve hit the diapers + baby wipes jackpot! There was a positive mountain of diapers once I got home and unpacked it all!!

Along with that, I received that gorgeous black and white striped diaper bag I’d been pining away for- which is big, structured, utterly practical, and completely beautiful on top of everything else!

I wanted to do something extra special as a Thank You for all those ladies. So, I painted a watercolor mermaid and fairy, and made Thank You cards out of them! (I say “I” however, my husband helped a TON with formatting and editing them so they’d be good quality!)

Thank You Cards 1

Fairy Card Scale

Of course, it wouldn’t truly convey my gratitude unless there were puns involved… So, the cards say, “Thank you fairy much!” and “You really mermaid my day!” respectively.

Mermaid Card Scale

And I decided, why not add them to the shop? So, as of today, they’re my newest listing! Dimensions are 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ and each 4 pack comes with 2 mermaid cards and 2 fairy cards.

Maybe you’d love some whimsical, punny thank you cards for your next outpouring of gratitude?? Click here to see the full listing!