Welcome to Our New Home! {On the Interweb}

welcome to the website

That’s right, folks! My little blog has moved here- to an official website!!!! I’m SO UTTERLY EXCITED about this!

It’s a huge step for me, and really for us (aka for me and my husband, without whose magical techno-powers none of this would be happening). 

DSC_0720I started the blog to be a place where I could not only share my heart and never ending hunt for beauty (and moreso for the Originator of it) but as a place to foster community- a safe place for all creatives (whether you consider yourself one or not) to come and explore beauty and the part it plays in their lives as well.

At this new home, this website (oooohhh it’s so fun to say), you’ll find the blog of course, but you’ll also find a page devoted to Ebenezer Designs, as well as a page for- wait for it- music. WHEW! That’s the hardest, most vulnerable sharing for me- songwriting is like emptying the contents of my heart into verse and melody. But I believe in sharing it with you nonetheless.

Bear with me as we get all the kinks worked out and polished over the coming weeks. Moving from my free little wordpress site to an official website is like moving from an apartment to a real, live house. (Or, that’s what I imagine it to be like… I still live in an apartment. HA.) Lord willing, loveliness will fill up the corners of this new home…

I encourage you to share this {exciting, scary, crazy, amazing} new endeavor with everyone you know!!! I covet your prayers and your encouragement as we take this brave new step!

Thanks for continuing with me in this journey.

Now that you’re here- take a look around! I can’t wait for you to see what’s going on around here! Pardon our dust… we’re still getting settled. (You understand, right?)




P.S. Come back tomorrow for November’s Artist of the Month!!! It’s a good one.