How I Happy

Welcome to “How I Happy.”

One of the purposes behind this blog is to be fun. FUN. A most noble and worthy purpose yes? I think so. I love this childlike element of humanity that we retain our whole lives. We need fun, you know?

Fun often gets a bad name. Much like leisure and enjoyment. Do those things have a dark side? Sure. Do most things have a dark side? Yes. I mean, the Force has a dark side, and yet everybody still thinks it’s awesome, amirite???

Anywho, this monthly post will be here to put on a show of pointing out the fabulous, the beautiful, mysterious, fascinating, goofy, entertaining, delightful- in short, the FUN things.

This first one? It features all the flowers. To be specific, it features all the flowers I’m loving in my life right now. And none of them are biological flowers, therefore I can’t kill them, therefore they are my favourites with a “u”! {British style.}

I think the apostle Paul would’ve been all about this, if slightly less girly in his list of happy things. I mean, he listed some pretty great ideas about what qualifies as worthy of our thoughts which you can read here. So, here’s to celebrating the lovely, the true, noble, good- and the fun.

As I was saying, I’m just delighting in all the floral things lately.

1. This gorgeous mint green + floral maternity dress from Pink Blush.


Here is a picture of a tall, blonde person wearing this dress {who has amazing hair that maybe I’ll have when I grow up…} I am so excited, because this dress is now in my possession, as a birthday gift from my mom!! {Thanks, Mom!!!}

pink blush dress

I’ll be wearing it to a wedding this month… Yay weddings! You can find this dress on Pink Blush’s website by clicking the picture.

2. This homemade chai tea latte recipe!!! I found it on Pinterest, and it was not only thoroughly delicious, but it was fun to make. If you know me, you know making/baking/cooking food tends to bum me out, so this is saying something. Click the pic to go to the recipe!!!


My pictures are significantly less pretty, so I borrowed this one from the gal’s blog who made it. She jokes about spilling the milk, but I still think the picture is lovely.


See what I mean? Although, I did put the concentrate in a mason jar, which is fancy and pretty. And I did drink it out of my favorite plastic Starbucks cup {favorite for cold drinks… for hot drinks I have like, 7 favorites}. Just my personal preference, but I’d add a splash of half n half and a smidgen of sweetener or sugar once you’ve fixed up your drink. Ok. Moving on…

3. This journal. Be still my heart!!! Don’t you feel like there is something so delicious about a new journal? It’s just full of possibility. Of course, I usually no longer buy super expensive leather journals at Barnes & Noble, but on a visit there a week or so prior to my birthday, I saw this one, and it just called to me…


…and it was $10. #allIdoiswin

And here’s a picture that makes me doubly happy because it also features the chai latte I made… which is a type of drinkable happiness.

4. Pie. Mainly, key lime pie. That’s a pregnancy craving I’ve had for the last week…and a half…ish. And they sell these two individually packaged slices in a box, you guys. So, you don’t have to buy a whole pie! {Although, why wouldn’t you want to?}


This is the brand. {It’s a link to Target’s website, yet another reason why Target should sponsor me… although let’s be real that groceries are cheaper at Kroger or Walmart etc.} 

5. This travel coffee cup I got awhile back for like, $6 at this fabulous store called At Home, which is essentially what would happen if you added explosives to Home Goods and then put it all in a giant warehouse where you could wander happily for years amongst the accent pillows and such.


6. This picture of my daughter.


I know there’s a ton of laundry in the background, but LOOK AT HER SWEET FACE AND TOOTHY GRIN. I mean. Can’t even handle it…

7. Paxton Ingram’s performance of “Break Every Chain” from last week’s episode of The Voice.

8. This post by Hannah. She’s such a hilarious and clever writer! And she’s pregnant right now, so I probably like this post extra because I’m pregnant too. {She’s also a fabulous photographer, so all her pictures are lovely!}

So, what’s making you happy right now? What’s bringing you joy? Are you finding beauty or goodness somewhere specific right now? You don’t have to share it, but maybe take some time to savor those things today.