Baby List: The Pinterest of Baby Registries!

Whew! Our 10-day trip to Anaheim was pretty epic, but now that we’re back from convention, I think my brain has entered full baby-prep-nesting mode. (Or it will once I become less catatonic and have a few more nights of normal sleep in my own bed.)

I’ve been thinking and planning for baby #2 for awhile now, for all the obvious reasons. But also because we will have 2 kids under 3 living in our two-bedroom apartment, which we love! (Except the 3rd-floor part.) Admittedly though, our space is limited, so it’s been a really fun opportunity to be creative with what we have! I’m actually excited at the prospect.

Why I Use Baby List: The Pinterest of Baby Registries!And I’m extra excited, because my sister-in-law is planning a Sprinkle for me in a few weeks! Do you know this is a thing? Because I didn’t. Apparently, sprinkles are sometimes thrown for people who’ve already had a child and therefore a full blown baby shower isn’t exactly necessary.

Having a Sprinkle means I got to register again- which was way more fun this time around, because instead of the exhausting quest all over the normal stores, I just used Baby List!




You guys. It’s like Pinterest, except it’s a baby registry; you can add anything from ANYWHERE on the interwebs to your registry. So, if there is an unconventional item you want or if something is listed more cheaply on a specific website, you can register for it! People can view the items on your registry so they know exactly what they’re looking for, see the quantity you prefer to receive, and read any notes or specifications you may have added to an item.

Baby List also has these Best of Guides which are great resources for helping you find specific products. It’s not just stuff Baby List decided was good because they’re paid to promote it; for each item featured on a guide, they share quotes and feedback from real live parents! The two I found most helpful were the Best Bassinets of 2016 and The Ultimate Guide to Nursing Bras.

While I haven’t shopped for a nursing bra, I have registered for a bassinet, which is on the list included in the Best Bassinets guide. It’s not too big, and it can be moved from room to room- yay!

Because of having to consider how much space everything will take up and being on our second little one, I thought I’d share my top 5 favorite things on the registry in case you are also in need of some good, space-saving and/or storage ideas for the next little addition to your family.

(Before I share the list, let me just say, I definitely don’t expect to receive everything on the list; I don’t know what people typically spend for these things!! But I love having an accessible list of things even just for my own reference, as well as where I found them.)

Top 7 Favorite Things on my Baby List Registry:

  1. Diaper Bagjujube diaper bagWhy do I need a diaper bag? Because my other one broke. It’s supposed to be this sturdy thing AND I got it from Target (so obviously it was high quality), and yet, it started falling apart a mere 3 months after Lucy was born! Granted it still functioned for us, but after our trip last week, the strap came completely off one side of the bag. Plus, it isn’t very structured and things spill out of it. So, I found this fabulous diaper bag!!! Isn’t it gorgeous? I read lots of great reviews on it, too. And because of Baby List, I was able to register for it at the cheapest price possible, even though it’s at and not a normal store.
  2. Another Diaper BagBetter Life Bags EmilyYou’re thinking, “You crazypants. Why did you register for TWO diaper bags?” Well, friend. The answer is because I discovered Better Life Bags. I love their mission as well as their products and the fact that you get to design your own bag (you get to select your leather, fabric patterns, whether your hardware is bronze/gold/silver, and inside lining color!), so I thought even though it’s way more expensive than anything I’d ever register for, I’d put it on there in case someone just wanted to support them. (I also registered for a handful of online gift certificates to BLB just because it REALLY is pricey and I thought if someone preferred to support them that way that would be cool. I still go back and forth of whether I should even have it on the registry, but it’s so beautiful! And so is the heart behind it. So, it’s still there for now. If nothing else, I just hope more people will look them up!) Apologies for the photo- unfortunately they don’t have a way for you to download an image of your design, even if you save it to the wishlist (it just shows up as the default picture).
  3. Bassinet- bassinetAs I mentioned, I loved the Best of Bassinets 2016 guide to check out different kinds of bassinets. With eight bajillion options for every kind of product out there, it was so nice seeing just a handful that are actually recommended by other people AND will fit in our space. This one has such great reviews both on the Best Of guide as well as Amazon! And it’s way cheaper than a lot I looked at.
  4. Mini-crib- mini crib

Why a mini-crib? Because the biggest challenge for us will be figuring out a place for Evie to sleep and/or storage (for both girls’ things). I had thought of the possibility of turning the large closet in the guest bathroom (which adjoins Lucy’s room) into a mini-nursery of sorts and promptly discovered closet nurseries on Pinterest (where else?)!

Obviously, Evie will sleep in a bassinet at the beginning, but I like to have a plan, and according to the dimensions, this mini-crib will fit!! So, I registered for it on Amazon. Eventually, she and Lucy can totally share rooms, but for the duration of time where she will be waking up and crying throughout the night, I don’t want to deal with Lucy waking up crying, too.

5. Sit and Stand Double Stroller- strollerOk. This is one of those things I wasn’t sure if we truly needed. But after discussing it with other moms of more than one child, I had to put it on the registry… Because there’s room for your baby AND your toddler. Plus, the toddler can sit or stand on the stroller in multiple positions- great for keeping busy little people happy! And Walmart carries it, which is super convenient!

6. These Polkadot Storage Bins- polka dot binBecause as I mentioned, storage is right up there in our top needs. These are SO CUTE! And they’re from Target, because that’s where all pretty things live. I registered for a couple other cute kinds of bins and such, but I think these are my favorite!

7. This pink bear wubbanub- pink bearYes, that’s what they’re called. Lucy has a lamb wubbanub that they gave her when she went into the ICU about a week or so after she was born, and she still loves it to this day! (Yes, I know she’s 2. No, I’m not worried about breaking the habit. Because if it’s in her mouth, she’s can’t cry as loudly when throwing a tantrum. Priorities, people.)


I could go on. But I told myself I was only going to list 7 things at most… So there you go! If you’re pregnant or have friends who are, I strongly recommend Baby List!

P.S. This probably seems like it was sponsored by Baby List, but just fyi it wasn’t. I just super love it and wanted to share!